Easy-Est is costing and estimating software which is affordable, user-friendly & could estimate & cost any kind of Civil Engineering Structure. It has been developed for the Construction Industry and can be used by Architects, Civil Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Consultants, Builders, Contractors, Realtors and also Construction Companies. It can estimate & cost any kind of structure as simple as a 'Storm Water Drain' costing in thousands or as complex as a 'National Highway', consisting of hundreds of CD works, Flyovers/Interchanges, Underpasses and Bridges costing thousands of crores. The software can estimate any type and size of structure whether independent and discrete or a group of structures such as a Township, University Campus or an Industrial Complex comprising of many different structures.

The application provides easy and simple Analytical Modeling of complex structures in the form of Technical Specifications and supporting dimensions resulting and facilitating in micro-customization of any complex construction detail, not amenable to Graphical Modeling. A large Specification Library consisting of around 45,000 technical specifications will aid the user in Analytical Modeling. No Graphical Modeling is required, which involves knowledge of Graphical Drafting Techniques.

The software is most user friendly as most of the Dialogue boxes, controls and commands are fairly intuitive and are designed in the form of wizards, resulting in easy operation even by novices with minimal computer knowledge. The software is versatile and multi faceted by virtue of which it can estimate and cost almost any kind of structure. Examples of some structures:

Easy Est
Residential/Apartment/Industrial Buildings, Shopping Malls, Multiplexes, High Rise Office Towers,Bridges, Flyovers,Rural/Urban Roads, Highways and Expressways, Water Supply & Sewerage Schemes, Airports, Railway Stations, Seaports, Harbors Irrigation and Water Resource Structures such as Canals, Dams and Weirs, Power stations.
The Software generates more than 70 different Tabular and Graphical Documents & Reports including the following:
Detailed cost estimate/Abstract cost estimate
Bill of Quantities
Meaurement book
Variance of Local & Global cost estimates
Global cost estimate
Approximate cost estimate
Earth work quantity estimate
Reinforcing steel qty. and cost estimate
Analysis of Rates
List of Input resources
Pie and bar charts
Model analysis reports

1. The software generates Detailed and Abstract cost estimates of any type and size of projects running into millions of dollars very quickly. The estimates can be      framed by loading the appropriate specifications from the specification library and assigning the corresponding dimensions.

2. It generates Bill of Quantities which is a very useful document in Tendering and procurement process.

3. It generates Measurement Book which is an estimation of quantities from dimensions which is useful for generation of running account bills and to assess the value     of work done, during the execution or after the closure of the project.

4. It generates 'Variance of Local and Global cost estimates' which will evaluate the deviations in Quantities and Amounts from the Baseline estimates and executed     estimates, after the closure or during the execution of the project.

5. It generates the quantum of resources required in the form of 'List of Input resources' such as Labor/Material/Equipment components for Estimates, which is very     helpful for planning the resources required for the execution of the project before hand.

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